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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Heading Down again!

Breakfast 2g
2 Oscar Meyer Cheese Dogs
Gourmet Salad (Greens w/sunflower seeds, almonds, bacon, cheese, lean turkey breast) and Ken's Lite Northern Italian Dressing
0g1 Chicken Breast (Fried in Coconut Oil)
Loaded Broccoli
Tortilla Chips & Guacamole


2 Diet Cokes
4.5 (28oz Waters)

Total Carbs (aiming for 50-100)

3 Miles WATP

210.8# Today the scale is still going down, I'm a VERY happy girl! I was so worried that I'd blown it entirely this past weekend. But I'm almost to my starting challenge weight. So I have a little more to go, I'm hoping I don't blow it again this weekend like I did last weekend. I have errands to run today, and then coming home to clean. I'm GOING to stay OP today! NO CHEATING! YEAH! No cheating! Had a VERY delicious dinner of Chicken, with loaded broccoli, this time I added some sour cream to it, and OMG it was to die for! Hubby had part of his baked tater, I was prout of him, he didn't eat the whole thing. Anyways Rob and I are going out on Saturday, we have gift cards for movies, and then he got a $20 gift card to Chili's today, and I had a $25 one my sister gave us it won't cost us except a tip maybe YEAH! I've already visited the website and figured out what I will be eating so no big surprises for me. So I'm planning to succeed instead of failing to plan and having a bad day!

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