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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Want some Baby Back Ribs???

Hubby got a gift card for $20.00 for Chili's and we already had a $25.00 one that my sister Lara had given us a while ago, we decided to use it today, we were going to go to Lunch and a Movie, but we decided to go to lunch and then come home and watch movies we had and maybe play some games. So we had some Hot Spinach Artichoke dip as an appetizer, and I didn't have a ton of it, but man was it yummy. It was very cold still in the middle so they gave us an order to go for free to make up for it. Then I got the grilled Salmon on their 'light' menu and OMG it was SO nummy! It was served with Broccoi and Matchstick carrots, it was really good. Rob got their white molten chocolate lava cake for dessert and I had a couple of bites it was really good as well.

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Sandy said...

I love Chili's new light menu. I'm always on the look out for restaurants with healthy dishes, that way I can go out to each and not look all silly trying to make a 10,000 calorie meal into 100.