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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Avoiding Self Sabotage

Breakfast Cheese Dogs
Lunch: Cheese Dogs & String Cheese
Dinner: 0g1 Chicken Breast (Fried in Coconut Oil)
Snacks: Almonds, 3 String Cheese, 3 Lean Turkey SlicesPork Rinds
2 Diet Cokes, 4 (32oz Waters) so far

3 Miles WATP

YEAH! I had a GREAT day today! Did really well with the diet, exercise and water consumption! I'm so proud of myself! It feels good to be back on track! I just hope that I got the kick in the pants with my 9# water/sugar gain to keep myself on track better. I picked up some Coconut Oil today and am VERY psyched to start using it. I tried using it with dinner...used it to cook my chicken tonight. I didn't think it tasted all that bad. I don't even mind eating it right off the spoon...hubby thinks that's too gross. I'm excited to try it in popcorn once I get off my 3 protein days. I did a WATP tonight 3 miles. My bum is SO sore still from slipping the other day. I just made Rob count my bruises, I have 1 large one (soft ball size), 1 golf ball size, then 3 other ones. No wonder it hurts to do anything!

Today's 'lesson' from the diet book was about "Self-Sabotage". It talks about 'What you CAn & Can't Control. Such as you can't control if there will be an accident on the road on your way home from work. BUT you CAN control what you put into your mouth. It also says' that some challenges are tougher than others. Whenever possible it's best to steer clear of potential problem situations while in weight loss mode. Each of us are responsible for our OWN actions. YOU have the ability to deal with the inevitable inconviences and difficulties that are sure to occur while on a diet and eating differently than you usually do. The KEY word here is 'differently". Most of us find it tough to change our patterns and do things differently. Change isn't easy, our routines become a way of life. When we know what to expect, we don't have to think about it. I definitely self-sabotage. I'm hoping if I prepare better for things that I will do better.

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Mrs. Sheila said...

Yay you heather! Great job!