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Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday February 6th, 2009

Day 7 on plan (in a row) Day 4 of 5 Exercise --No elliptical today
Breakfast/Lunch (ate at 1:30pm):
14 Carbs
1/2 Cup Eggbeaters 2 carbs
1 Sausage Patty 1 carb
1 T Cheese 0 Carb
1 T Low Carb Ketchup 1 carb
1 Dannon Activia Light Strawberry Yogurt 10carbs

See Above

Dinner: 30g
3 Hotdogs 9g
2 slices weight watchers cheese 2g
1 Light Strawberry Banana Yogurt 19g

Snacks: 15g
1/2 Banana 13g
2 String Cheese Slices 2g

4 Diet Cokes Stressed today
4 (32oz Waters)

Total Carbs 59g (aiming for 50-100)

Exercise: 7.81 Miles Pedometer, 16,541 Steps Other than that I didn't have it in me tonight for my elliptical...see below...

Thoughts: I had a somewhat stressful, busy day at work, we did a lot and I stayed busy pretty much from 7am-6:30pm, I found out my 'newly' rescued Guinea Pig whom I've only had for about a month has some sort of disorder that is causing her to dilute her urine really bad. We are doing further diagnostic testing tomorrow hopefully. I'm hoping we will get to the bottom of it.I wasn't really hungry for breakfast, I felt 'full' even before I ate lunch but I figured I better eat something at lunch time.Then about closing time, hubby calls me and wanted me to go pick up a birthday cake from Costco, then drive an extra 20 minutes to his work to take for a co-worker of his...he couldn't have told me this EARLIER? UGH! I was VERY VERY crampy today which didn't help the stress.So I went to costco and picked up a cake...the only one they had in the 'type' he wanted was one with pink roses on it (serves him right lol!) I took it out there, but had to stop for gas, and um home for some quick...feminine needs, so I get about 1/2 way to his work and it starts POURING rain! If any of you know me, you'll know that I have SEVERE anxiety about driving in rain or snow stemming from an incident with a semi truck about 10 years ago, I am getting better SOMETIMES but other times the anxiety/panic hits and I have no control over it. Well today was one of the 'panicky' days, it wasn't gushing water on the roads, but I was nervous & upset about it, white knuckled (I've driven in WAY worse without issues). I called hubby to tell him I was almost there, he said something and I snapped...I was upset, it was raining, it was dark (I hate driving at night too), so I was 'grumpy' with him. On the way home I stopped at Petsmart to pick up some 'guinea pig' shampoo and then some medicated fish food for a fancy guppy at work that has 'swimmers bladder' (floats to top of tank). I started feeling bad, so I came home jumped on IM and apologized to hubby. He suggested I take a bath to take the edge off, so I did. I was in NO mood to exercise tonight (very very crampy to the point that the pain made me cry on way home from dropping cake off to hubby). On a more positive note...I am proud of myself for not coming home from dropping cake off to hubby and stuffing my face with bad things.

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