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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Things that make you go mmmmm.....

I have found several REALLY neat items this past week or two and I'd like to share them with you. The first one is a Water bottle. It's made for walmart, but the cool thing about it is the lid, has a straw that pops up and you can rotate the lid to hide the straw and close the bottle so it doesn't leak if it gets knocked over. This was VERY handy today. I am a clutz and am ALWAYS knocking things over. Here's a couple pictures: (****Addendum...wasn't sure if Rob would like it or not so I didn't get him one but he LOVES it so I will be picking him up one tomorrow).

Then the next AWESOME Find that has made my life EASIER is Ken's Lite Dressing that just has 1g Net Carbs! So far I've tried the Northern Italian and the Buttermilk Ranch that have the 1g Carbs. There are several other "Light" ones of his that have 2-6g carbs which isn't bad for a salad dressing as well.

The next is one that I've been considering for a while, just hadn't done anything about it is Coconut Oil There are supposed to be a LOT of health benefits from it, and I have several people I know who are taking it and having good results, so I'm excited for it. I'm all about the supplements and more 'natural' ways of doing things. Hubby calls me the supplement queen!

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