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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Starting Over....Yet Again

So I've had my "Lean for Life" Diet book from the library for a couple of months now, I've browsed it slightly, but nothing significant. Just mainly the 'plan' pages etc. I've been getting the daily e-mails from the free Rite Aid Weight Loss Plan (which is essentially the same as Lean for Life) for 2 months now...I briefly browse them, but for some reason it 'clicked' today. I really spent some time browsing the book and re-reading some e-mails. MAN there are some really neat 'kick in the butt' jump start motivations in there. I really needed to read that today. I guess in part because I felt bad for my 'bread' binge last night (I had 2 pieces of buttered bread with dinner) and boy have they done a number on me. I get bloated, tummy ached, and burp up yeast when I eat bread sometimes...okay most of the time. I think I'm sensitive to yeast or something. Anyways I really felt bad as I've been stagnant again for quit a while...because I keep yo-yoing on what I eat (adding Red Vines, Sun Chips, and other 'bad for me' foods when I know I shouldn't. So tomorrow is going to be the 'start' over on the Lean for Life diet. Each day I am going to read the pages in the book and the e-mail, probably blog about them and apply the concepts to my life.

I know I can do this, I've done it before (lost 70# in 2004/2005). I WILL be thin this year! I may need y'alls encouragement and support to keep me on my toes! Wish me luck!

Involvement vs Commitment: The difference between involvement and commitment is never more obvious than with a bacon-and-egg breakfast. The Chicken, was involved, but the pig was committed. This was taken from my LFL (Lean for Life) book. It really hit's home, while I've been 'involved' with my weight loss so far, I'm not 100% committed and I really need to become committed to it.

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Mrs. Sheila said...

Heather that is where I am struggling too...the whole committment thing. It means more to me to get back on track and STAY there, then anything else right now. For me. Not the weightloss, but to prove to myself I do still love me, and I do still matter.