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Monday, February 2, 2009

Feb 2, 2009

Today's Affirmation:
"I AM losing inches!"

Today was a VERY stressful day at work, as a manager sometimes things can get hairy. I drank too many diet cokes (was aiming for another 1-2 day) but ended up drinking 4 of them, for some reason they 'calm' my frail nerves when I'm upset or angry about something. It's a nasty addiction one I'm hoping to break.

3 Carbs
1/2 Cup Eggbeaters 2carbs
1 Sausage Patty 1 carb
1 T Cheese 0 Carb

Lunch: 5 carbs
2 cups Romaine Lettuce
1 T Cheese
1 Salmon Patty 2carbs
Rasperry Vinegerrette Spray Dressing 15 squirts 3 carbs

Dinner: 31carbs
Shake N Bake Pork Chops 8g
Green Beans/Corn Mix: 10carbs
2 Cups Romaine Lettuce
2 T Tomatoes 1 carb
Salad Dressing 0 carbs
Canned peaches (sweetened w/splenda) 12g

Snacks: 2 carbs
2 String Cheese 1g
6 Slices Deli Meat 1g

Total Carbs for day: 41 carbs (lower than it should be, I'm aiming for 50-100) need to add fruits to breakfast and lunch

96oz Water
4 Diet Cokes

Exercise: 15min on Elliptical 2.39 Miles WAHOO! I exercised!

I was hoping not to drink as much diet coke, but you can see how well that went....stress happened at work today and that's my 'outlet'. Need to find a different outlet. It's not even the taste, I'm just addicted. I was determined to exercise tonight when I got home from work and by golly I did! YEAH! Big step for me. Now lets see if I can make it 2 days in a row by exercising tomorrow as well! Dinner was a higher carb meal, but I felt since I had low counts for breakfast and lunch it would be okay.


Hanlie said...

Welcome to the HYC, Heather! All the best with your journey.

I see you're trying to conceive... I write about natural fertility (and healing PCOS) every Friday, if you're interested.

amy said...

YOu are awesome..I should try this..You are a great motivator..I have PCOS as well!