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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday February 12th

Today I had an epiphany....Romaine Lettuce has carbs in it! LOL! :) Don't ask me why or how but I had it in my head that it had no carbs. LOL! But it does have some fiber that cancels it out :)

Breakfast/Lunch (ate at 11:30pm): 7g

2 Bar S Original Franks 6g
1 Frigo Cheese Head String Cheese Light 1g

1 100 calorie Guacomle Snack Pack
1 Serving Tortilla Chips

1 Chef Salad 8g
(1.5 cups Romaine Lettuce, 2 Hardboiled Eggs, 1 Cheese Stick, 1 T Almond Accents, 1 T Bacon, 2 T Kens Northern Italian Dressing)

1 Skinny cow Bar


3 Diet Cokes
4 (32oz Waters)

Total Carbs 36g (aiming for 50-100)

4.00 Miles on Elliptical 30:07 minutes

Thoughts: After a restless night...neighbors car alarm kept going off about 5 times starting at 4am! UGH! I didn't get up as early as I had hoped, and didn't get as much accomplished as I had planned but I still did okay. I have a renewed 'enthusiasm' today. Just going 'git r done'. I made my first 'oopsie' rolls tonight, and I need help with the mixing and folding. Rob is going to help me on Sat or Sun with it. YEAH!

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