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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My top "Ate"

Sheila had an awesome post today "My Top Ate" so I'm going to 'borrow' her idea. I have found the more I put things down in typing/writing, the more likely I am to stick to some sort of plan.

Here are my top Eight (aka ATE) reasons not cheat while on a strict eating plan:

1. REGRETS: One of my FAVORITE sayings/mottos when dealing with weight loss is "A moment on your lips, forever on your hips" It is SO true when dealing with the 'sinful' cravings in life. Especially for me, I SO wish I had my brothers metabolisms...they can eat anything and everything and not gain an ounce...the "Sims" girls all inherited slow.....slow....slow....metabolisms....LOL!

2. ACCOMPLISHMENT: Look at how far you have come....40# in 6 months. I have done this 'lost 60#' before and gained it all back because I went off my plan. I am on a roll and am going to keep on it.

3. CARB BLAHS: When I do cheat I feel loaded, bloaded and just 'drained'. My body is Insulin Resistant and Carbs feed insulin which makes thing suffer, so in order to avoid the 'carb blahs' it's best to avoid the carbs in the first place.

4. KETOSIS: If you stick to the plan your body will stay in Ketosis (Fat burning Mode used in Lean for Life Diet). If you keep stuffing your face with 'no no's your body is going to go back into 'fat keeping' mode.

5. ADIPOSE: This is a funny one and one that I CAN NOT get off of my mind. I LOVE the TV Show Dr. Who and they had an episode about "ADIPOSE" which was a pill you could take and the fat would get up and run to the 'nursery' waiting for the mother ship....well I can't 'stuff my face' and NOT think about ADIPOSE.....cute as they may be.

6. INSTANT GRATIFICATION SUCKS: Another favorite saying is "Don't give up what you want most for what you want at the moment" This stays in my mind when I'm doing my grocery shopping and want to load the cart with bad things. If I load the card with vegetables and protein and healthy foods....what I want most will be within reach in no time!

7. CHILDREN: Although I have no children (other than my fur n feathered kids) I have a STRONG desire to have them. I have been told by several Dr's that this will happen when my body is at it's peak...since I'm insulin resistant the lest 'insulin' I feed my body the better, and I have a better chance of having children if I'm not fat.

8. SELF ESTEEM: I have had horrible self esteem practically my whole life, it got pretty good when I was a sophomore in high school and realized "Hey, I'm pretty dang cute" it was then that I started getting noticed by boys etc, then I got 'fat' after high school and felt pretty bad about myself for about 6 or 7 years until I went on my 'first' round with Lean for Life, felt pretty dang hot n sexy until I gained it all back, I want to feel that way again!


So .... what are your top "ate"?

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