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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cure for the common stress......

On my way home from work, I had a panic/stress/anxiety attack, on top of that add a migraine! OUCH! I was trying to get to the bank and a store before they closed at 7pm (I'm off of work at 6pm) and the line at the bank was MEGA long like 10 people long and moving slow, so my mind starts racing and I start wigging....I made it to both places with time to spare, but had a panicky/anxiety attack on way home (30 minute drive so it had time to brew), so I get home and get online chatting with hubby, he called me immediately and had me break down why I was having the attack and then told me he wanted me to take 15 minutes and get on my elliptical/bike and just exercise. I must admit, I thought that was a strange suggestion. He also told me to pray and ask for relief & I did both. I did 15:15 on my bike and went 2.5 miles while watching an NCIS rerun, and must say I feel much better. What a great suggestion! Thanks hon!

I have to confess I've been HORRIBLE about exercise, it is the one part of my diet/fitness/lifestyle change that is just horrid for me to try and do. I need to just do it. Normally I angle my bike/elliptical so I can watch TV while doing it and that makes the time pass better/faster/easier. I am going to try and shoot for 5 days of exercise each week. I always use the excuse that I am 'active' 4 days a week at work, but that's not enough I need 'guided/structured' exercise.

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