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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not a slacker...

I'm not a slacker I promise :) Just haven't made the time to blog. I've actually been doing extremely well on the Lean For Life Diet, I am down 6# so far! YEAH, that's even with TOM holding me back. It really hasn't been too hard of a struggle, my lunches have been hot dogs with cheese, and I really am enjoying them. I am adding a little more variety. We had pork chops for dinner tonight and they were really yummy. I just need to find the motivation for exercise then I will be in great shape. I have a REALLY hard time 'making' myself exercise. I need to just make it a daily habit like brushing my teeth, and showering. I am excited that I am back to losing weight and am doing good at it.

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matt said...

Go Heather! You have the self awareness to succeed so just keep going. You will find that your medical condition and general health will improve I have no doubt. Your motivation to start a family could not be more powerful. Best wishes.