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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mindless Munching

Who else has this problem? I know I'm a MEGA mindless muncher. What exactly is a mindless muncher you may ask? Well I can grab a family size bag of cheetos (crunchy) and just snack away while watching tv or surfing the web...and before I know it the whole bag is almost or all the way gone! YIKES Do you know how many freaking calories I just consumed by doing this?
1060 Calories in one SITTING! YIKES Never mind the fat grams, sodium etc! 29.1 WW POINTS! OMG! That's like my whole day!
Here is the nutritional value page for any interested:
No wonder I look the way I do! LOL. Doesn't it make you sick to your stomach just thinking about that? I know it does me. I haven't done this (eaten a whole bag of cheetos) for a VERY VERY long time, well about 4 or 5 months now.

So what is the solution? I am trying VERY hard to do either the 100 calorie packs which are already made or when I buy a bag of something I divide it into individual serving sizes (snack bags) and figure out the WW points value and write that on it in marker on the outside of the snack bag. Such as today, I picked up some YUMMY Garlic Pita Crisps from Costco that came in a double bag in a box, so I took 1 bag and separated it out into 9 piece portion sizes (which isn't that little) in snack size ziploc (walmart brand to save $$). I also measure out my water in individual containers so I can make sure I get my 117oz in a day (from what I've researched supposed to be 1/2 of your weight).

I'm interested to hear how others manage things such as the "Mindless Munchies" PLEASE leave your comments. I'd like to know what works for you.


new*me said...

I have mindless munching days..usually around that time of the month. If I feel it coming on I have sliced up veggies and apples around that I can munch on. Drinking tons of water and hot green tea helps me too. If I am going to mindlessly munch I want it to be good for me and something that won't add to weight gain :)

SeaShore said...

Yeah, I call it "grazing". I try to stick to low point foods and like new*me, I've also learned to drink a lot of water. It helps make me feel uncomfortably full, so I stop grazing.

I'm also try to remove/distract myself from grazing by going for a walk or doing some gardening.

Jumping on the scale in the middle of the day helps stop it too ;)

ptg said...

My mindless mnching usually picks up at work around 3pm.

For me, i make sure to either have a Fiber One bar (chocolatey and yummy) or I have to be moving around - the more I move, the less I eat.

I also do the 100-calorie snacks. I try not to though because I find I just keep grabbing more bags! LOL