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Monday, September 15, 2008

Could this day have been worse?

UGH! I got to work at 7:10 (10 min cat was being snuggly :). Anyways the ENTIRE Daycare area for both little and big dogs were FLOODED with water. We have this hose that we use to fill up mop buckets and the darn things doesn't shut off it had a field day. I immediately got to cleaning that up....took 4 hours of sucking up the water with a Shop Vac and then dumping it out....definitely got my weight lifting in today....weighed the 1/2 full vac once and it was at 47# OMG! YIKES! No wonder I'm pooped tonight! Then I did some more cleaning.
Oh and we had NO phones today at work, which meant SLOWER THAN MOLASSES computer and NO internet/credit card processing.....UGH! NO FUN AT ALL!

Then hubby didn't take a lunch to work with him so I took him something from Carl's Jr. I had their low carb burger. It was good. Then I got home and someone had YET again parked in the parking spot I usually park in....we've been told they are going to be 'assigning' the uncovered ones too as each townhouse is supposed to have 2 parking spots with a few 'visitor' spots here and there.

Update on my kitty, her kidneys are inflammed and painful. We put her on a pain medicine and if she's not improving we will do bloodwork and x-rays. She is our 'heart' baby, she seriously is the 'BEST CAT' I have EVER owned...super sensitive to my emotions, and very sweet and loving!

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