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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Root of the Pumpkin!

Got your attention didn't it! As part of the "Plump your Pumpkin" Challenge we can earn cool things for our pumpkin by doing 'mini' challenges.

This week's challenge was:
Our challenge for this week is to get to the root of why you are overweight. This is about self-reflection, understanding why you behave the way you do with food. On your personal thread (or on a sheet of paper if you do not want to make this public) please list 10 reasons why you believe you are overweight. Then go through each reason and mark them as either "medical" or "me." For instance, if you are overweight because you have a thyroid problem, your parents are both over weight, you have pcos, etc- mark it medical. If you are overweight because of lack of exercise, you love cheeseburgers too much, etc- mark it "me." Then write a small paragraph about what the list taught you and what you think the root of your weight loss problem is.

My 10 Things that Cause me to keep the weight:
1- PCOS (Medical)
2- Medications I take for other reasons (Medical)
3- Genetic tendancy & at risk for diabetes, HIGH risk for thyroid (Medical)
4- Easier to eat unhealthy than not (Me)
5- No time to exercise--working 4 10's by the time I get home I am pooped and can hardly move. Although I get quite the workout at work sometimes....16,000 steps today at work! (Me)
6- I am a stress eater Stress causes hormones that tell you you need something......(Medical/Me)
7- Low Self Esteem (Me)
8- Hurts joints to exercise I know when I lose weight my joints won't be so tender....but I also have Arthritis. (Medical/Me)
9- Laziness on my part it's easier to sit at computer and search/goof than to exercise (me)
10- Not listening to my body --there are days when I binge almost (no vomiting though) and eat so much my stomach hurts. I mindless munch (Me)

My Tally:
5 Medical
7 Me
2 that are both Medical & Me

I think this really made me realize that if it is to be it's up to me. I have more that are in the ME part, although there are a lot in the medical, I can do what I can to help. A lot of the medical issues are 'aggravated' by weight issues. I KNOW that I can do better. I can MAKE time to exercise, even if it means giving up sleep (but getting to bed earlier) in the mornings to do it, or even exercising during my lunch hour. I need to find healthier outlets to deal with stress. Make it 'easier' to eat healthy. I've been doing pretty good at this preparing my lunches/healthy snacks the night before so they are all ready for me. I need to get off my duff and JUST DO IT! I NEED to take control and listen to my body...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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