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Friday, September 26, 2008

Think before you eat!

So today at lunch I had to run and pick up some turtle food and some lights for my turtle, and I figured since I was out and about I should just pick up something to I grabbed one of my favorites....the Guacamole Bacon 6 Dollar Burger from Carl's Jr, in a large meal, so large fries, large diet coke!

Lunch Points:
Guacamole Bacon 6 Dollar Burger 28 Points
Large Fries 14 Points
Total (do I dare post it?) 42 Points!

OMG! Hating myself BIG TIME! That's like 2 days worth of points, almost! So in the future I think I will stick with trying to prepare my own lunch which tends to be a lot less points. AND either that or be prepared if I have the 'fast food' munchies with a lower point meal!

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