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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Macho Nacos

Another 'staple' at our house is easy and YUMMY! We LOVE Mexican!

Basically make 1 pound of taco seasoned meat (we use Lowery's----got the recipe off of www.topsecretrecipes.comLinkThen take nacho cheese sauce (you can buy it in a can at walmart), and tomatoes and olives and anything else you might like to add. Quick and easy and WAY YUMMY

On another front...our Kitty DeeJay is still really sick. She's starting to really worry me. She's been on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories for almost 2 weeks, and we added a very powerful antibiotic on Friday. She's been really 'clingy' today and is VERY VERY tender to the touch on her tummy, to the point of biting. Guess she will be seeing Grandpa (aka vet) tomorrow. She has a bladder infection, with secondary kidney infection and upper respiratory infection.

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