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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm Plumpin My Pumpkin!

I've joined another challenge! Can you tell I just LOVE challenges? It is on the Choosing 2 Loose Forum that I am a member of (and TOTALLY love!) I am setting a "Small Goal" of 8# for this challenge. I have been stuck for the ENTIRE month of September just kind of gained/lost the same pounds. So I think 8# is a good challenge goal as it will challenge me.
  • Everyone will start out with a skinny pumpkin that she will plump up with her own fat! If you lose weight each week of the challenge your pumpkin will get plumped up and you can use your pumpkin graphic to show off your progress. Your pumpkin graphic will automatically update each week and show how many pounds you have lost. Updates will be made on Thursdays following the wednesday weigh in.
Weigh Ins:

Here's my pumpkin no watch it Plump

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