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Friday, September 19, 2008


Got this on a Google Group I'm on. I LOVE it! Been lacking a bit in the motivation department lately. So this is just the boost I need.

If you put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world
will not raise your price."


Confidence is honoring yourself...taking action to build self-esteem.
What we believe, we create. If we believe that we are somehow "not
enough", that is the very image we project. What we project we also
tend to attract.Those who are self-critical, or who feel "less than"
others, will tend to draw people and circumstances into their lives
that are not in their best interests.

We live in a consumer society which sends the message that we never
have enough. We feel compelled to acquire things to make us thinner,
less wrinkled, more beautiful, powerful etc. The end result often
leaves people feeling empty at the end of the day. Direct your
attention instead to your positive qualities & talents.

Confidence doesn't come from diet pills, beauty products, or any
other "confidence" creator. Confidence is the result of focusing on
our natural talents and positive qualities. The more confident we
become, the more capable we are. The end result of developing a
strong sense of self worth is that we begin to naturally attract
healthier conditions and healthier relationships.

And, remember, what you think about, you bring about!

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