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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Non Scale Victory!

I work as a Vet Tech and I LOVE to wear different designer cute print scrub tops. I always try and get some for the Holidays. Well I have a Halloween one that I loved but it was a size Lg so I couldn't wear it last year well guess what! I can wear it! I have been wearing 2X tops! My butt still needs to shrink but other than that it fits GREAT! Excuse the hair; I only had 4 hours of sleep last night.

Here is a before picture back in July do you think I'm making progress?
I know I can see a difference in my thighs and my waist line. Hmmmm gonna have to have hubby take a pic of my butt LOL, no really, A LOT of my weight is in my butt and thighs. He's told me it's getting smaller though.

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deniz said...

Just stumbled across your site and saw your pics. You look fantastic! There's a brilliant difference - you must be SO proud of your achievements. Well done you, and keep at it - you are doing really, brilliantly well!