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Monday, September 1, 2008


I've had Several Requests for the Female Vitamin so here it is:
It is only $13.99 + S/H per month which truly honestly isn't bad. It is recommended that you take it in addition to their SuperFood Supplement

Here is what it says about the Female Formula: Feel better…every day of the month.Extra vitamins, minerals, phytoestrogenic herbs and isoflavones help keep iron and energy levels up, while easing cyclical discomforts, mood swings and skin flare-ups.*
If you want more information:

I am also using their Reduce Plus & the TheraTrim Supplements

If you do decide to get it please use associate #: 380279 When checking out.
If you decide you like it you can join them for $39.95, there are NO Quotas, and you get a 25% discount on products. Definitely worth it for me just for the discount on the Female Formula :)
Sponser ID is #380279 Heather Thompson

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