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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weigh in Sept 28, 2008

Starting Weight (July 10, 2008): 250#
Last Week: 232.2#
Today's Weight: 225.2#
This Weeks Gain or Loss: Lost 7# (Gotta love TOM gains!)
Total Loss: 25.6#

I stepped on the scale this morning and was shocked, I fulled expected it to still be up considering the week I've had, but yesterday was a GREAT on plan day and exercise day, so I'm sure that helped. I've started a Food Journal to not clog up this blog with long posts and so I can better keep track of my eating so I am more accountable. So feel free to visit it as I will be recording daily what I eat. I know this will help. Right now I don't have the 'Weight Watchers Online' thing as we had to cut back on things as funds are tight right now. But hopefully in the next month or so things will be better and I can join again. It's much easier to have the points 'calculated' for you :)

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