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Friday, September 5, 2008

The "Jello" Effect

I drive 30 Minutes each way to work, so you can imagine the traffic some days. Well I've noticed a pattern...if ANYONE is off to the side of the road, irregardless of why, EVERYONE on the road (Freeway) has to slow to a CRAWL to see what's going on....well as soon as they pass they are back up to speed. I've determined the cause of's what I call the "Jello" effect. I live in Utah and we are WELL known for our 'Jello' heck they even had an olympic pin that was a bowl of Green Jello...YIKES! Anyways my thinking is that EVERYONE has to slow to a crawl so they can see if they may know the person so they can take them Jello or a Casserole to soothe them after their 'incident'. GRRRRRRRRRR It drives me batty! As you can tell it took me 45 minutes to get home tonight!

How does this affect my diet? Some days by the time I get home I am so nerve wracked from dealing with traffic I can hardly see what do I do....go for fattening convenience foods that don't help out the diet too much, that and usually don't exercise, I just veg in front of the computer and/or TV

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