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Monday, September 1, 2008


So I need to make a confession, I HATE exercise. Mostly I think because I feel like a total idiot doing it, plus I have had arthritis essentially since I was 20 years old in my hands and legs so exercise is often painful for me. Well I sort of did a 'cheaters' way to exercise today. Hubby and I were snuggling on couch watching Food Network, and I decided to run downstairs and use my elliptical machine. So I basically did it during commercials in about 2 minute increments, so I got more exercise in that I would if I did it all in one bout but it worked LOL! So hopefully this will help me get some of my exercise in and get off the couch! LOL.
Todays Exercise stats:
Orbitrek Magnetic Elliptical
Time 20:04
Distance 4.10 Miles

Stair Stepper 10 Minutes

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