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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Are you Coordinated?

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If not EXERCISE! Holy cow! One thing I've discovered in the past month since I've added regular exercise to my life is how UN COORDINATED I am! Good grief. Mostly I do the Leslie Sansone Walk at Home DVD's Today I did the Walk Slim Fast Start 2 Mile Walk (35 Min) and does one move from side to side and clap at the same time if they are not coordinated at all? Ask my hubby, I am the MOST accident prone person he knows...well close tie with his niece Autumn I believe. It's just about every day that I hurt myself 'stupidly'. Yesterday I bonked my head in the shower...and HARD! LOL! Go ahead and laugh it's okay I do :). Anyways I think I am becoming more and more coordinated, maybe I can work my way up to doing the Dance away the pounds DVD I bought and have made a COMPLETE fool out of myself once with.....NOW you know why I'm not a "Gym Going Person".

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amy said...

I love the Leslie Sansone videos. I need to try those again!!!!