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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Getting Started

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started" Mark Twain
I am so ready for my 'restart'. I am pumped today, was able to eat breakfast (although it took me a while). I am hoping I can hold on to the enthusiasm and really get going again/finally with my weight loss. I went in to work for a few hours to groom a couple of dogs and that was good. I got home just in time for our snowstorm to REALLY start going. It's really windy out today. I took a scale shot and my stupid camera battery was on the fritz, so I will take another one but it's probably gonna be higher because I have eaten today. :( I am going to do a core training dvd a little later today. I will come back and 'update' on how things go today. So far I'm not really hungry, have had breakfast. Am looking forward to lunch, as I love Tuna Fish. I really should start planning my menus on a regular basias as it helps out so much, especially with my hubby who likes to play the "Food, Good, the kind you eat" game, when I ask him what he wants for dinner.

Here is my meal plan for today
April 1st Prep Day #1

B: 2 Eggs, 2 Pieces of Deli Ham (actually at only about 1 piece), 1 Slice whole wheat toast, 1 Morning Spark Orange Juice, 1 Orange
L: Tuna Salad Sandwich, Green Salad w/dressing, Orange
D: Salmon Patty seasoned w/lemon pepper, Baked potato, butter, cheese, broccoli, Green salad
Snacks: Cheese sticks, lower carb yogurt

Exercise today, just did my 10minute workout, I ended up taking a 5 hour nap this afternoon :P It was MUCH needed, I only got 4 hours of sleep last night, and while I had a lot I wanted to get done, I think my sleep was more important :)

In the Lean for Life Diet book it talks about the 6 essentials for success:
1- Make your goal "to learn to be lean for life".
2- Your level of interest and enthusiasm will determine your level of success
3- Learn to recognize and eliminate your defensive barriers
4- Learn to control cravings
5- Learn to use relaxation techniques and "stress less"
6- Follow the maintenance program for lasting success

These can be applied to any diet program, I am looking forward to learning more about each one of these subjects and how to 'get over them' and apply them to my life. I am more focused than I have been in a while lately. So hopefully I will be able to use that to my advantage.

Here is my Sizzling For Summer Challenge Starting Weigh In Picture:
Sorry about the glare it is 211.6#


Mama Bear June said...

Hi, Heather! Glad you are on the Sizzling for Summer challenge. Should be lots of fun. I had camera issues this morning, too. First time, my battery wasn't in the camera. Doh. Try again, weight was up by 1.6 - what the ......? It was just SECONDS later! Tried to take the photos, the numbers didn't show up, so I took the scale into the kitchen and tried no flash. Weight was up AGAIN! And the numbers STILL didn't show up very well. So I gave up and used my son's scale. It said the same thing as the FIRST weight, so I guess that was accurate.

I look forward to seeing how much we all change in these upcoming weeks!
Path to Health

Anonymous said...

Hi hon! I LOVE your blog :o) and I am doing the weight loss challenge with you!! <3

Congrats on the weight loss so far, I can tell you will give me some competition (giggles)

I am also trying to have my second child but my obesity is making it impossible :( sigh...

So you're not alone and I am rooting for you! Keep in touch hon!

<3 Martha

Melisa said...

Hello Heather ~ just dropping in to say hi and looking forward to this challenge we will all encourage each other through!