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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dogs kicking my butt....

My sister has a show dog, a silver standard poodle named Jewel. Jen has asked me to show her in the AKC Conformation shows for her (like the ones you see on TV). Well we enrolled her in a handling class so she can get used to the ring environment etc. Tonight was the first lesson. And OMG, I forgot how much moving they do. Basically everyone runs (when I say RUN, I mean RUN!) around the ring showing off their dogs. The class was for an hour, and I think we ran around the ring at least 12 times if not more. Jewel is a mover, I'm gonna have to get faster to keep up with her. She's still very much a puppy (just turned 8 months old), so is still silly, and inquisitive about everything, wants to play play play so it's going to be fun :) I'm going to have to start jogging so I can keep up with her. She's FAST! . She has a show coming up here locally the 1st weekend in May. So we've got a lot to do until then. Hopefully we'll be ready! We have to find something she likes as 'bait', Strider (my sisters finished Champion) was VERY picky and really only liked grilled chicken strips....which although are healthy aren't the most practical to cart around at dog shows. Here is the pretty dog, that's my older sister with her (and yes she needs some more love and happiness in her life ;).

Today was a bit stressful at work but I didn't let it get to me, just 'grusfrabah'd' the situation and moved on. (I fired a client of ours...she REFUSED to leave her dogs for grooming for longer than 1 hour), we can get them out fast but not have 2 dogs bathed, dried, clipped etc in less than 1 hour. It was a mess but she ended up picking her dogs up WET cause I had already had them bathed when she was upset. Anyways that's besides the point. ....I'm just proud of myself. Also it is one of my workers birthdays today, so I am making a cake, and got ice cream for tomorrows staff meeting....and I'm quite proud of myself, while I won't be having any cake, I did get the Carb Smart Ice Cream so I can at least have a little of that.

Does anyone know of a 'start your jogging' routine? I am NOT a jogger but apparantly I might need to start. I do have arthritis in my ankles, knees, hips, hands etc (yep I know I'm a youngun...had it since 19 basically). My dr thinks that part of my problem is Vit D deficiency that I've had a lot of symptoms of since I was in Jr. High. Anyways..sorry for rambling.

Food Intake Meals & Snacks: Protein Day #4
*I'm supposed to do 3 protein days, but I sort of cheated last night and had a sprite float, I couldn't resist, so to kick my body back into ketosis I did another protein day today.

B: 3 eggs, Bacon pieces, 2 deli ham slices, 1 T cheese
L: 1 Salmon Patty
D: 3 Hot dog links with cheese
Snacks: Cheese Sticks, 4 oz Cottage Cheese, 2 ½ oz Lean/Fat Free Cold Cuts

Blessing my Body with Loving Movement: (Exercise):
1 hour of Dog Show running around :)
Stability Ball DVD Strength exercises (figured I got my cardio in with the class).
10 Minute firming exercises

Weight: 205.0#


Mrs. Sheila said...

That was a busy day for you! How fun you and that puppy are gonna have! YOur sister looks alot like you, how much age is between ya?

YOu might try the couch25k program. That is how I started, at least with the first week. I love jogging on the treadmill, and even more outside. ( You can always try working intervals ~ that is really all that the couch25k is. I like to walk 1 min, run 1 min. I was so proud when I worked up to 10 min of that. )

Lisa said...

The dog class sounds like it's going to be really fun for you...and very fitness oriented for you and the dog. :)

I've got a couple of interval routines I've cut out of my magazine that I will share with you... Hey, think I will post it on my blog so that others will see it too. I've cut them out and posted them to index cards, laminated them so I can take them to the gym with me...but keep forgetting to take them. I make up my own intervals...

Keep up the great work... You can do it.


Mama Bear June said...

Sounds like a great workout with the puppy! So you lost 3.6lbs for our first week? That is AWESOME!
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