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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

The Jelly Bean Prayer

I really have always loved this! Anyways I hope you all had a great Easter. Rob and I got some sort of food poisoning and spent the majority of the day in the bathroom, I guess as a bonus, it means that since everything was passing straight through...I didn't gain weight :) My family has a dinner almost every major holiday, I had taken some immodium and felt well enough to go, although hindsight 20/20 probably should have stayed home. Rob stayed home. My sister put about $60.00 in many different plastic easter eggs around my parents front yard, we only had 2 Grandkids there, one is 3& 1/2 the other I believe is 2, they had a blast. Then we had dinner, (see below) it was really good. My mom made a 5 Minute Key Lime Pie and boy was it yummy! It used 'low' fat Jello, Yogurt and Whipped Topping, and I ate it without the crust so that helped cut back on the carbs. It was SO good. Here's the recipe: Recipe for 5 Minute Key Lime Pie

April 12th Weight Loss Day #6

B: 2 Hot Dog Links, Apple Actual: 2 Bratwursts, Chili, Onions, Cheese
L: See Above
D: Ham, Cheesy Taters (Funeral Potatoes), Green Bean Casserole, Roll, Key Lime Pie Dessert (Low fat)
Snacks: Cheese Sticks, Hard Boiled Eggs x2, 1 Chocolate Caramel Egg, 2 Peanut Butter Eggs


Mrs. Sheila said...

Sorry you both were feeling ill. Hope you had a blessed Easter anyway!

Mama Bear June said...

Ugh, sorry you had food poisoning. Hope you feel better soon! Love your jelly bean poem. :-)
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