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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Making Excuses

I think I have found EVER excuse in the book this week as to why I can't exercise. Lets see
1- Gas because of Sugar Free Candies, so my belly hurt
2- Got home late (had dog class so that was sort of exercise)
3- Too tired because I didn't get to bed on time
4- It was easter, why exercise on a holiday?

Well I am SICK of my own excuses. I am NOT going to let the excuses win ANY more. Here are my 'combats' to my own excuses
1- Gas becuase of Sugar Free Candies...that's easy...DO NOT eat the sugar free candies
2- Got Home Late, I was still up for 2 hours, that is PLENTY of time to get in a 30 minute WATP DVD, it was just an excuse to get me not to exercise
3- Too Tired, exercise gives you energy, so that would have helped with the tiredness. As for the getting to bed on time, Hubby right now works Swing shift so gets home at 10:00pm and I like to spend time with him. He is switching to Graves in 2 weeks, so therefore I won't have to stay up to see him
4- Who says you can't exercise on a holiday? What a way to celebrate it by blessing my body with loving movement.

So my goal for this next week is to get at least 5 days of exercise in.


Mrs. Sheila said...

Heather, it is so easy to decieve ourselves with these kinds of excuses. I am proud of you ~ for one being tired of them, and two for finding reasons not to believe the lies anymore!

I can tell you, I have exercised pretty consistently for the last two weeks, and I feel amazing. Tired at the end of each day, but it is a good tired. Not from eating junk and garbage, but from plum out tuckering myself out with living, and exercising.

Looking forward to reading that you are back on track completely and feeling better.

Annalisa201 said...

I have lots of different DVD's, but today I pulled one out that I haven't done in a year. I love WATP, and I've been sticking to the interval training DVD's because I love the "boosted walking" - makes me feel like I've worked harder, like I'm earning it... But today I did the Walk Slim 3 mile DVD... I'M SO HAPPY I DID! Near the end she encourages and challenges you to commit to seven days in a row of the 3 miles - can you imagine how the lbs would drop if you did? Not that I've ever tried, but her pep talk was so encouraging! Still, hours after, I am still excited about it. It's nice to feel loved... by a complete stranger... who doesn't really know me LOL Anyway, it's all in our head, right :)

It's also about finding the right kind of exercise that you don't loathe. If you hate it, it won't last long. Gotta find something you can live with.

Good luck!!!

PS. Exercise used to make me feel more tired too, but then I realized that, even though three years ago I lived happily and energetically on 5.5 hours of sleep, this year 8 isn't enough. If I'm under 8.5, or 9 hrs each night, I am tired all day. Maybe try adjusting that to help.

Lisa said...

I think we all end up with excuses at one time or another... I know I have had my fair share of excuses too and they tend to really hurt my motivation because the more I skip my workouts, the more "free" days I have on calories, the more I tend to want to give up.

I still have a LONG way to go to overcome my excuses, as I too tend to use them to not work out or eat healthy.

Why do habits have to be sooooo hard to break...LOL.


autumnbell said...

good for you, you can do this

Mama Bear June said...

What a great way to shoot down your own excuses! :-)
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