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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mind over matter.....

"What lies before you and what lies behind you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you." Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is from my Lean for Life Book:
Words can make you blush. Jokes can make you laugh. Movies can make you cry . Conversations can make you sweat. A card or call from that special someone can get your heart racing. The connection between your mind and body is undeniable. The thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, the images you see, and the things you do all affect your behavior and your body chemistry. Likewise your body chemistry and your behavior affect how you think, how you feel, your impressions of what you see, and what you do. So my book is going to teach me how when I'm feeling sorry for myself to do things that will give me pelasure. If just thinking about exercise is making me tired, it will help me think about it differently. If I am feeling edgy, it will show me ways to relax. If I'm frustrated, they will share success of others who've experienced the same feelings and have overcome them. If I'm overwhelmed, it will suggest ways to refocus my thoughts and energy.

I'm going to explore the importance of treating myself well, clarifying my goals, and cultivating an "achievement attitude". I will become an effective problem solver, learn how to mentally rehearse being successful, and understand what I can do to change my body chemistry.
I will share more on these subjects as I learn more about them.

But this totally makes sense as I think a lot of things in life are 'mind over matter'. One of my favorite quotes is "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can''re right" I've been having a major slump essentially since Thanksgiving of 2008, because I just wasn't seeing good results which is why I went back to lower carb eating instead of WW, but I let myself be loose and 'slack' about my eating so I wasn't 100% on plan, I would say maybe 50% on plan, and then I wondered why I wasn't loosing? We'll thanks to Mrs. Sheila I'm back on plan and not going to let things get slack, as I want to be "Sizzling for the Summer" Who knows maybe I'll be brave enough to wear a swimming suit :) I hate my body in a swimming suit..always have, I have varicose veins in my legs and I have huge muscularly calves from years of soccer playing as a kid, and I just feel goofy. Any ways here are todays stats:

April 4th Protein Day #1 of 3 initial (then it's once a week)

Todays Weight: 206.2#
B: 2 OM Cheese Hotdog links 2g
L: 1 Salmon Patty 2g Carbs
D: 3 ½ oz Chicken Breast
Snacks: 6 Cheese Sticks, 4 oz Cottage Cheese, 2 ½ oz Lean/Fat Free Cold Cuts, Yogurt

Walk Slim Fast Start 2 Miles (30 Min)
10 Min Firming Exercises


Lisa said...

You are doing great! Keep up the pace and you will be sharing your success stories with everyone!

I love all the information you gals are sharing with your daily readings... keep them coming. They are so motivational, inspirational, and I need that!

Anonymous said...

Inspiring post!!

Lets see, I don't think I've worn a bathing suit for about 10 years... since I was 12 I believe?

So I know the feeling! My hip area (including the thighs) are my problem areas and wearing a bathing suit does not make matters any better :o) I even wear a jacket every day in public ;)

You did a great job today, I have done the Low Carb diet until recently. It doesn't work unless you commit to it 100%, so I know you can do it :D keep up the great work!!!

Mrs. Sheila said...

Doing wonderful heather! Thank you for the insightful post!

Stopping by to wish you a wonderful week! As you prepare your body this week, don't forget to prepare your heart too ~ to embrace Easter this year in a way you have never been able to before!