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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rescue Me

Today was a VERY busy day for me. I got up early (7am on day off), immediately got to work, I made the laundry soap for my work, my dad is VERY excited about it. Then I went to walmart and picked up a couple of essentials. Came home put them away, sat on the couch and vegged for a bit catching up on emails, reading blogs etc then I went and cleaned out my car which was in DESPERATE need of needing cleaning. Then I drove to meet my new dog. Her name is Lilly (*subject to change as that is already the name of my guinea pig---considering Tawny or Shellie--Shellie is the name of a Golden Retriever that comes to the vet I work at that was missing for 4 years and found because of a Microchip --You can read about Shellie the missing Golden Retriever HERE) It was an awesome experience when the shelter called me to verify who the dog belonged to I seriously got goose bumps! Lilly reminds me of Shellie before Shellie went missing --her physical features etc) Anyways that's besides the point, Lilly is a 7 month old Golden Retriever who has a shoulder condition (Osteochondritis Dissecans), which is basically she has a piece of cartilage that has detached from the bone so causing her pain. Her owners due to the financial crisis of the economy can't afford surgery (which is normally $1700.00 PER shoulder) but didn't want to put her to sleep so they put her up for adoption on a local classifieds site. I saw her ad and felt a 'nagging' to rescue her. My dad is a Veterinarian so the surgery won't be a problem, and he gives me a nice discount as well. Lilly is a sweetie, she is only 7 months old yet is very well trained, she sits & waits for her dinner and waits until you release her to start eating it. After she has her surgeries (one in the next week or so) then the other shoulder in about 4-6 weeks) and has recovered she will make an excellent exercise companion. Right now she weighs about 53#, she is probably going to be around 70# full grown.

Then as I'm coming home from picking her up, my hubby called and wanted me to go pick up his pills from Walmart as well as take care of rent, then texts me that his head was killing him, so I offered to bring him his pills (blood pressure ones he's been out of for a week thanks to an idiot Physicians Assistant). So I took him his pills and we enjoyed a few minutes on the bench outside his work, it was nice. Then I came home did a few things on my to do list, made some dinner, got my exercise in and am just about to head to bed.


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Mrs. Sheila said...

Lilly is so cute! Sounds like you had a busy but good day off! Glad you were able to get so much done.