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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Walking away the pounds!

I received this in my email this week from Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home Program
and it's just what I need...'kick in the butt' to get me walking again! I do good sporadically then just taper off and quit.

What you can expect after 21 days walking our way:
Instantly, during your first walk
...your mood improves! You know you are doing something good for your life! You can overcome any setbacks or challenges. Walking makes you feel that GOOD!
After 3-4 days of will notice the "better fit" or more room in your clothes!
After 7 days of walking...real changes are happening! You have used body fat as energy (fat burning!) Muscles feel more toned! Do you notice that you make healthier choices at meal time as well? That's the POWER OF WALKING!
After 14 days of have lost REAL body fat! 4-5 pounds of actual body fat looks like 7-10 pounds lost! A more proportioned body is emerging!
After 21 days of are down a size of clothing! Muscles are more defined, inches are lost, 6-10 pounds are gone! Your energy is through the roof! All health measurements improve- blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose levels and so much more!

Start Walking Strong!
I'm going to challenge myself to do 21 days of the Walk at Home DVD's! This is a difficult thing for me, especially on my day's off....gonna do it!

Today's DVD: Walk away the Abs 1 Mile walk (couldn't handle more...too stiff/sore).

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