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Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Focus October 17th

This weeks good n bad
1- Bad: Not planning the meals
2- Good: Lots of days drank all my water
3- Bad: Not enough Exercise didn't exercise EVERY day
4- Bad: Too many Sweets
5- Good: Increased Vegetables
6- Good: Realized that 4 days of the week at work, I get about 5 hours of exercise in, (cleaning, washing walls, windows, making beds, scooping litter boxes, carrying about 5 18# garbage can loads out to dumpster)
(Goodness I tend to have lots of the same Good N Bad's)

Next Weeks Goals:
1- Stay on Plan! (Plan and Prepare....last minute meals are a weakness)
2- Exercise 5 days This is a start for me
3- Contine with water drinking EVEN on day's off!
4- Make an eating out "Safe Bet List" Basically a list of my favorite fast food places and 'safe' meals so I don't go overboard like I did

I need to continually focus on my goals. I'm going to type them up and print them out and put them EVERYWHERE so they are in my constant attention!

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