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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lyn's Habit a Week Challenge Week 4

I am doing Lyns Habit a Week Challenge we are on week 4 of 16
Week 1- Fix your water intake
Week 2- Move Get up and move daily
Week 3- Eat a Veggie
Week 4- Increase your Fiber

Didn't do so hot with the eating of the veggies this past week. TOM kicked my butt! It made me wanna shovel anything and EVERYTHING I could into my mouth. UGH! This will be a good challenge as my 'witch' Dr wanted me to increase my fiber without a 'pill'...ugh....going back next week and so far NOT so hot :( BUT my Acid Reflux has pretty much diminished to once or twice a week instead of 5 or 6 times a day! I'm all but off of the Prevacid, just taking the Licorice Root. YEAH!

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Lyn said...

Keep it up! Hang onto those healthy new habits and keep working on them. They really do add up to better health.

Veggies can be a tough one... but once you find the things you really enjoy, it's easier. Me, I love baby spinach in omelets and sandwiches, so that's a simple one for me:)