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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lyn's Habit a Week Challenge Week 3 Eat a Veggie

I am doing Lyns Habit a Week Challenge we are on week 3 of 16
Week 1- Fix your water intake
Week 2- Move Get up and move daily
Week 3- Eat a Veggie

Last week's challenge went well for me but I didn't push it until Saturday when a 'light' went on and I have done very good since then. I've walked for 15-20 minutes with the Walking away the Pounds dvd's which are more 'intense' than normal walking. I am doing the 1 Mile ones right now and I am feeling the burn and feeling great about it!

This week's challenge is to increase your veggie intake. This will be somewhat hard for me, I do eat a lot of salads for lunch and have started having more and more veggies as snacks, but I need variety, having carrots & green bell peppers for snacks every day in and out gets mundane.....gonna try and 'spice' things up a bit.

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