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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cute Diet Crafty Ideas....


1 Remove beans from bag.
2 Throw them on the floor.
3 Bend down and pick up each bean.
4 Repeat hourly as needed.
~ HOME EXERCISER ~ (a block of wood)
1. Place in middle of the floor
2. Walk around it two times
3. Rest, you've just walked around the block two times.
~ Three-Step Diet Program ~

Three plastic forks,
Step 1 :for 20-30 lbs weight loss, 1 has only one tine removed and label the fork with "1"
Step 2: for 30-50 lbs weight to lose, 2 has two tines removed and label the fork with "2"
Step 3: 50 lbs + has all tines removed and label the fork with "3"
All three are put into a bag together and they can diet in a 3 step program.
~ Diet Rock ~
I am a little diet rock
As cute as I can be.
Although I'm sweet to look at,
I'm both fat and sugar free.
When you get up each morning
Lift me high into the air,
Then set me on the floor 10 times
Before sitting on the chair.
Please place me on the table
At the place YOU plan to eat
And remember I am watching
What YOU do and what YOU eat.
When you are serving up your plate
Please leave my section free,
And I'll reduce the calories
By the space you saved for me.
After you have eaten,
Although I'm just a rock,
Please slip me in your pocket
And take me for a walk.
If YOU do this faithfully,
Then in a month or two,
Although I'll still be just the same,
YOU'LL be a slimmer you.
- unknown

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