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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday September 29th

1- On Plan:
B: Onion Bagel w/cream cheese
S: Broccoli w/lite ranch dressing
L: Chicken BLT Salad w/ranch dressing
S: Celery w/peanut butter
D: Grilled Salmon Patty, Mixed Veggies, Small Baked Potatoe

2- Water I did reasonably well but I still drank too many diet cokes.
3- Exercise: 15 Minutes on Elliptical while watching TV
4- Productivity: I put a yes and no on this one as I did better than usual, but still watched TV. This was a hard one as the NCIS TV Shows were on, but what I did was worked on folding laundry while watching them, and on commercials worked on picking up things, load of dishes etc, which is a lot more productive that my usual.

Daily Summary: Today I drank a lot more water as I was using the Crystal Lite powder mixins, but I still drank too much Diet Coke, weigh in today was up, which is no big surprise with the free for all weekend I had, so I am gonig to stay on track this week so I can lose it again! Sometimes I think my body subconsciously does not want to get below 200# either that or I have some bigtime fear of doing so which I do not understand as it seems like everytime I get within range (5# to go) I sabotage myself...but I WILL do this. The thigh seam on my scrub pants started to split today...luckily my mom owed me some scrubs for my birthday so I begged her to take me to walmart as I live 30 minutes away so it's not just like I can run home quick and change. This has me to thinking I need to do something about my "Sims" thunder thighs (I get them from my dad's side of the family I think). As this is the 2nd pair of pants I have split in a week!

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