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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hungry Monster....

1- On Plan: I ate WAY too much.
B: Banana, 1/2 Cup Shredded Wheat w/skim milk
S: Broccoli w/lite ranch dressing
L: Nachos w/cheese
S: Banana, Apple, Broccoli, Carrots, Trail Mix, Nachos w/cheese
D:Chicken w/Four Cheese Potatoes

2- Water Only had 4 diet cokes which is a good thing for me, considering that we are broke until next week and I can't afford to buy more...I'm rationing...good for the diet
3- Exercise: Only exercise I did today was walking to the dumpster which is about 9 townhouses up the not a big exercise was rainy and dreary, even snowed a little today although it didn't stick.
4- Productivity: Can we say I was VERY lazy today? Took a 2 hour nap with my hubby, then woke up and played on the computer/internet for hours! Then ran to the bank and was going to pick up some cat litter but their machines were down, so I came home, did a couple loads of laundry and cleaned up a little bit, took some garbage up to the dumpster, but I am quit dissappointed in my activity levels was my day off I spent the majority of it on my fat a#$. I should put I shocked my husband as I did 4 loads of laundry today and even got them hung up in the closet and folded and put away in the drawers (my usual is just to leave them in the clothes baskets...I'm lazy what can I say?)

Daily Summary: It was my day off...I was very lazy, I didn't watch a ton of TV, but did watch Criminal Minds and then about 1/2 of CSI New York, where I fell asleep in my chair and woke up around 1:00am then went up stairs, I feel horrible as I left my dog Shellie outside, from about 9pm till 1am and it was VERY VERY cold last night, and since she's not an outside dog she doesn't have any shelter outside to keep her warm I had a hunger that would NOT die today, I felt like no matter how much I ate I was still hungry.

Quick Question for my readers?
What do you do when you have those days where you just can't get enough to eat, no matter what you do? I tried sipping on water, drinking peppermint herbal tea, munching on vegetables. It just seemed like I wanted to keep shoveling crap in my mouth. How do you keep the hungry monster at bay?

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What a Splurge said...

Believe me, I do not have the lazy-could-eat-all-day thing licked. I really struggle. But I do know that if I make myself busy (if it's outside the house, so much the better) I tend not to think about food. On days when I sit home, sleep, watch TV, fool around on the PC, etc., I eat like an elephant. If I get involved with some project, I can go a whole day without grazing.
I enjoy your blog.