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Tuesday, September 22, 2009's cold outside.

It is a COLD day, had to pull out a jacket, we are starting to get freezes here....I HATE living in Utah some times. Before long we will have snow on the ground UGH! My legs/joints are so stiff and sore because of the drastic weather changes here, we were in the upper 80's last week. I hate it! It wreaks havoc on my bones. I was slightly disappointed in my weigh in this morning not even a pound loss...but hey it was TOM so I guess I should be grateful it wasn't my normal 5# water gain. I haven't been exercising as 'hard' this week as I was having issues with my legs and potassium, but I got me some bananas, and have been eating baked potatoes and they seem to be doing better so I'm going to kick it back into gear. The new TV season has started, and I did exercise a little yesterday while watching some tv, I was using my elliptical machine. I'm going to have to work hard not to become a vegetable on the couch this tv season, I am an ADDICT to many shows....CSI NY, Miami, Vegas, NCIS, The Closer, The Mentalist, Numbers, Two and a half men, Cold Case...this list could go on and on....but I am going to make it a goal to be active while watching TV whether it be exercising on my elliptical or working on websites or stuff on my laptop, and not just veg, it is also my 'weak' point for eating mindlessly so will have to keep that in check too.

Oh and found out today my dog, Shellie (golden retriever) has a bladder infection, we put her in doggie daycare and all the boys were going NUTS trying to hump her, so I pulled her out and checked her thinking she was coming into heat, nope she has blood in her urine, this will be her 3rd bladder infection and she turns 1 tomorrow. She has a recessed vulva so we are wanting her to come into heat so it swells and pushes it out so she's not as prone to infections, sorry if TMI. She's my special girl she also has Diabetes insipidus (can't concentrate her urine) so has to have injections twice a day.

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