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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stress..Stress...GO AWAY!

On Plan: Water: Exercise:
***Warning....I'm kind of verbose today*** :) Woot Woot! No frownie faces yet! I have had such an incredible amount of stress this week, I think it's a test to see if I will break my diet. Today I broke down in the bathroom at work and cried for 30 minutes. The business that I love and have put a lot of effort and my life into is struggling to stay above water. It breaks my heart. We are trying to turn things around but it's looking very bleak. Then we have a little adoption kitten who was pulled from the shelter with a fractured leg, we surgically repaired it (put a metal pin in it) and about 5 days after we got him he started getting sick, he has a respiratory infection, but it's extremely severe and with pneumonia, so he has been on deaths bed for a week. Here is his picture, these were taken the day we got him before his surgery. He has been severely dehydrated and hasn't eaten on his own since last Friday...we are giving him subcutaneous fluids, medications for his infection/pneumonia and putting drops up his nose to clear it out so he can smell so he can eat. He is also on a heating pad. He is improving today though, I thought we were going to lose him yesterday, he went hypothermic on us (temp 95) and was barely responsive. But he's looking better today, and even purred. Poor little guy has lost a lot of weight. Sorry for going on about him...animals are my to my husband....I have a lot of compassion for special needs animals.

I was so depressed about the business, and the kitten, I was having an incredibly hard time, Hubby told me that I should pray to help take some of the 'doomsday' feelings away, and I did, it helped throughout the day. Now mind you I am the one who served 18 months on a religious mission, not my hubby, he is a convert to our church, and he is such a strong man, he is always the one who has to remind me to talk to my Heavenly Father. I was able to stay more focused on positive aspects of the business and get work done better, I was efficient this afternoon...depsite everyone deciding to show up at once right before my lunch break. I am quite proud of the fact that I was able to stay on plan as usually at the first sign of stress, I start eating badly. So far so good. (It helps that we are broke beyond broke right now so I can't rush to walmart to pick up junk I think I have 2 more days on the detox drink, my tongue is still slightly white, that's what they say to use as an indicator. I am proud of myself though instead of coming home and sitting on the couch with my laptop I did some cleaning in the kitchen and organized the 'dog' corner (where we keep all their stuff etc.)
Food Intake: B Green Smoothie, Detox Drink, 1 Apple
L: Detox Drink, Green Apple, Garden Salad w/tuna, carrots w/low carb dressing
D: Detox Drink, Garden Salad (Grilled Chicken, Cucumbers, Olives, Cheese, Romaine Lettuce) w/low carb dressing, Steamed Broccoli
Snacks: Green Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, Detox Drink, Celery
**Detox Drink Lemon Juice/Maple Syrup/Cayenne Pepper
**Green Smoothie: Parsley, Ginger, Pineapple, Honey, Water, Splenda
Exercise: 30 Minutes Walking with my dog

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SeaShore said...

That is a sweet little kitty! I hope he's doing okay. I hope you're coping with all of the stress you have going on as well. Take care.