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Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Tracking Begins....

Today is the first day of the challenge where I will be tracking everything I eat. I am also going to track my water as well as Soda. I have had soda addictions in the past where there were days I could easily clear a 12 pack! So I've been gradually cutting back.

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel w/WW Cream Cheese 4pts
Green Salad w/Tuna Fish, Feta Cheese, Cucumbers, Olives, Tomatoes & Carrots, cashews & pistacchios, Light Ranch Dressing 10.5 pts
Dinner: Feta Dijon Chicken Breast, Mixed Vegetables, Rice-a-Roni Chicken Flavor 10pts
Snacks: WW Cheddar Cheese Squares, 100 Calorie Pack Popcorn, Crystal Light Rasberry Lemonade Drink Mix, Sour Patch Kids, Mini Popcorn Caks 100 Calorie Pack, 1 Small V8 8.5 pts
Exercise: 1 Hour + Cleaning & Packing, Walk At Home DVD 45 Minutes 6pts

Water: Got it all in!

Soda: 3 Diet Sunkist Orange, 1 Coke Zero

Total Points today: 33.5pts
Exercise Points Swapped: 3.5pts
Weekly Points Remaining: 35

I figured out my MAIN problem as to why I'm at a plateau....when I get home from work I am just STARVING and munch, munch, munch, get the idea! YIKES! I guess what I need to do is find 0 Point snacks so I can munch without going point crazy. BUT I also just need to learn to control my hunger. Things will get better once we are finished with our old house as I have been stopping there almost every day after work to work on packing up, cleaning, yardwork etc. We are out completely on the 22nd so that means this time next week I will be able to drive STRAIGHT home. WAHOO! I'm excited. This is gonna give me more 'me' time as well. YEAH!

Oh I don't think I mentioned I ordered an Exercise bike/machine. It should be here on Tuesday. I can't wait!

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