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Saturday, August 9, 2008

I hate my feet!

I was blessed enough to inherit my father's dry skin so I have HORRIBLY dry feet that crack and bleed often irregardless of what I do for them, and I have Keratosis Pyelori (chicken bump skin) irregardless of how often or what lotion or scrub I use. Although am trying a new lotion that's supposed to be a miracle cure....we'll see. Anyways my post is focused on my feet, as I have had a HUGE crack at least 1/8" deep in between my big toe and the next toe in for the past few days, it's getting worse and hurts like a MOTHER! It makes exercising nearly impossible, although I am doing a challenge over on Choosing 2 Lose and part of that challenge is 30 minutes of exercise each day, so far I've done great on this challenge but if something doesn't change with my feet....not so sure how much more I can handle. So today I visited Walmart and basically bought a little of EVERYTHING in their foot section...LITERALLY!

Among some of the things I am giving a try are (all items were purchased at Walmart in both the First Aid section and the Nail Care/Makeup section..although I found 'better' buy's in the foot stuff by the nail care):
Soft Heel Gel Sleeves & Soft-Soles Gel Slips
Am also trying their:
1- Foot Repair Therapeutic Balm
2- Intesnive Heel Repair
3- Refreshing Foot Scrub
4- Tea Tree Oil Spray

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