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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fat People Clothes

So I went to walmart last night, and was in need of some pajamas/lounge clothes. First off they have NO selection for 'fat' people over size about 16 GRRRR! Then I think I hit the jackpot with some adorable Mickey Mouse pants that were size 2x, which is what I wear for my scrubs and they are starting to get a tiny bit lose. NOPE these are a little too tight. The biggest shirt size they had was XL and I can usually reasonably fit one of too is too my question is this are they barbie clothes and I am just in the toy section? GRRR!
I had pictures posted, then hubby said they made me look 10x the size I actually am so I'm keeping just 1 of the lounge pants pictures posted. Then maybe when they fit me better I'll post em again!

I figured it was time for some pictures. Keep in mind that these are my exercise clothes.

Not sure if I can tell a difference yet or not
On a more positive note: Have to tell you a 'funny' my hubby said I was working on putting some boxes away and he was sitting on the couch so he asks me "How much have you lost?" I tell him well I just weighed in at 228.8# this am so about 21#" He says "Well I don't want to tell you this cause you'll get mad at me....but...I think you lost it all from your butt!" LOL! I was LMAO, he was worried I'd think he was telling me I had a big fat butt (which I am VERY well aware of) as most of my excess weight is in my butt and thighs....SERIOUSLY. But it makes me feel good to know that it's starting to show cause my work pants sure don't feel like it! .

Today we are going to get our HD satellite installed, we were supposed to get our 'better' internet installed today as well from Comcast but the morons instead of letting us know that they couldn't 'move' our account if we owed a balance at all (just the months bill) CANCELED OUR ACCOUNT and the service appt for today! My hubby was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo peeved, he called and because they canceled it they have NO record that we ever HAD internet with them DUH! So today after the satellite guy leaves we are going to exchange modems so we can 'prove' we had internet. We won't get our phone installed till the 20th but my hubby can handle installing the internet. Which he wants back desperately as he has it set up to access our 'movies' from his work so he can do something during down time, and the 'free' internet that comes with the HOA here has everything behind a firewall so you can't access our server from the outside world....

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Jenn said...

Hey Heather! Jenn from C2L here. You are doing great and I think it's wonderful you are keeping that loungewear. I would have pulled it off and cried!!! Keep up the great work!