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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weigh In July 27, 2008

Starting Weight: 250#
Last Week: 237.2#
Today's Weight: 233.8#
This Weeks Gain or Loss: Stayed the same
Total Loss: 16.2#

Considering that I moved so wasn't on plan 100% and also am retaining water due to my 'monthly' visitor, I think staying the same is pretty good. Today my hubby made soup for lunch 'Sassy Salsa Soup' mix from Two Sisters Gourmet, he doctored it up a bit adding crushed tomatoes and red beans, it has a wonderful flavor. Then I added a little sour cream, and some cheese and we had it with Fritos Scoops chips. It was very good. Then we had tacos for dinner. I didn't get all my water in today but I think we did pretty well all things considered.

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