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Saturday, July 19, 2008

July 19, 2008

Diet: I had a lot of the little 100 calorie packs. Had a Grilled Chicken Club from wendys, and I was quite proud instead of french fries I opted for a salad for a side!
Water: Got it all in 2.5 mugs (130oz), had more sodas than I should have today though due to about that on the bottom.
Exercise: Walking around Lowes and Walmart, as well as a bit of yardwork and housework, packing
Steps: 12,856 about 6 miles

Today was a fairly okay day. Although the stress of dealing with our current landlord is about to put me over the edge. She sent my hubby an email stating that we did not pay last months rent so she'll be expecting our $1390 by the 23rd. Um NO, so hubby researched (he has EVERY e-mail she's ever sent) and looked at a copy of our notorized lease and sure enough, it was in there that we paid it, because she was even nice enough to split it up. So he sent her all the details and told her we can even back it up with bank records. Lo and behold....she sent him an email sort of apologizing for the mistake, and then tells us that if our 'soon to be' landlord should call for a reference she would gladly give it to him and have NOTHING but good comments about WRONG!
Rob called the 'soon to be' landlord and he said that he called her and told her who he was and she hung up on him twice! Can you believe it? GRRRRRRRRRRRR! What a baby! Anyways she also told us that if the lawn was not green by Aug 22nd when we are out of here we will not be getting our security deposit back. Okay, the idiot before us totally messed up everything, we have auto sprinklers in the back but they work worth squat, so the lawn is a bit of a mess. HOWEVER, my younger brother was gracious enough to come out and help us, he mowed the front lawn and then we put down some seed, and watered it good, it needs to be watered twice a day for the next 3-4 weeks. Well seeing as how we are moving on Wednesday! Kind of going to be a bit hard. So we are going to be buying some auto time things and hose splitters so it will get the entire yard...then just set them up.

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