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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weigh in July 13, 2008

Overall today was an awesome day. I was very happy and excited and did good on my diet. Which is a bonus for me, as usually on my day's off I am a nibbler on anything and everything that I can think of. My hubby teased me because I was in the bathroom a lot but drinking as much water as I did...somehow I'm not surprised. He told me that he was the one that took the water pill not me. I even did breakfast and made a nice salad for lunch. Let's just hope that I can continue. I am worried about my little Chihuahua Zoey, she is my walking health problem, you can find out more about her by visiting her website Anyways she seems to be having a really difficult time sitting. I know she arthritis in her knees (yes at 2 years old) but it seems more than that. She will be seeing the vet (aka Grandpa) tomorrow while I'm at work.

Starting Weight: 250#
Today's Weight: 237.2
Today's Gain or Loss: 1.4#
Total Loss: 13.8#
Diet: Stuck to it pretty good...hubby made a chicken alfredo lasagna for dinner though so that kind of hampered things...BUT I did watch portions, and had a veggie and salad to go with.
Water: Got it all in 2.5 mugs (130oz)...good way to keep me motivated using the mug, plus it stays icy almost all day!
Exercise: 150 Steps on my new mini step climber...OUCH I'm sore :-) Baby Steps!
Steps: 5138 which I think is good for being home all day and not really trying.

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