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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 15, 2008

Today started out slow at work, then ended in utter and total chaos. At one point I had 4 people waiting to be helped. Some days are like this where we need 10 people helping customers, then others are very slow where we only need a couple. We had someone bring in a cat for adoption today. Right now we have over 50 kittens (30+ are Siamese) for adoption and about 5 adult cats. We 'normally' wouldn't be accepting any new ones but I felt bad...Anyways someone robbed this lady's house. They used the cat (which wasn't hers) to lure her 'attack' dog out of the house then the cat I guess snuck back into the house. They took EVERYTHING this lady had. She said that she didn't know how she was going to feed her own 2 cats let alone a third She gave us a huge dog crate that she'd been keeping the cat in. Every little bit helps.

Starting Weight:
Today's Weight: Didn't weigh in running late
Today's Gain or Loss: unknown
Total Loss: 14.4#
Diet: Did good. I had my usual "tuna" green salad for lunch. With my Slim Fast (or slim fast wannabe) shake. I had a chocolate one today and it was actually really good. I added a couple of snacks today to try and 'satisfy' my water itchies. I had some "Brothers" Potato Crisps from Costco, they are FAT FREE! 35 Calories and 1g Fiber which is a 0 point treat for weight watchers! WAHOO, that's always good. Then I am/was a cheeto addict (when In the mood) so I picked up a 100 Calorie combo pack at Costco that has cheetos, doritos and sun chips in them, they have 2 points w/weight watchers. I was surprised how little 'satisfied' me. I guess now that my 'mind' set is working on getting changed I don't need an entire hugoid bag. IF I do buy the big bags as soon as I get them I am going to be dividing them into snack sized portions...easier and reduces the risk of temptation.
Water: Better today...not as much. I am going to 'measure' what I put into my mug so I can keep better track. Only 2 Diet Cokes. This is like a miracle...a 12 pack at work has lasted me more than 2 days! MIRACLE I tell you!
Steps:13,525 Not as many as yesterday but I didn't walk at work, although I did walk around Costco for about an hour.

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