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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Losing the weight!

I weighed in at 230.6 the day Rob left! I have already dropped my BMI 2 points from a 39 to a 37! It feels great! My goal is about a 25, I think if I hit 150 then I will see how I feel/look at that point and perhaps keep that as my goal if not then tweak when I get there. But I have a long long ways to go, that's my 'ultimate'. 150 would be on the borderline of a 'healthy' BMI for me. But I don't know if that's okay. Although I was at 165 when I got married 7 years ago and still had some to lose. We shall see. My short term goal for when Rob comes home (April 20th) is to lose about 20-25# from the day he left so be at 205-210# which would put me at about 34.1-34.9 for my BMI

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