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Sunday, December 21, 2008

LFL Prep Day #1

Today is the first day of my Lean for Life diet/lifestyle change. For the prep days you are preparing yourself for weight loss, there are 3 days total. By doing this you don't 'shock' your gall bladder as much with the weight loss causing problems. For the meals each one includes a protein, salad w/dressing, potato or other starch, veggies, fruit, and milk or the calorie beverage. Then you have snacks that are 'protein' snacks.

Here is my 'plan of action'
I decided it was time to do something about my weight when : I hit my all time high in July of 2008, it was 250#, my 'lounge' pants were also tight around my thighs. I also had to get size 2X for my scrubs for work. THAT was my life changing moment.

My personal motivators: How I'll benefit by becoming Lean for Life.
1. I will feel proud of how I look
2. I will be able to become more active
3. My health will improve
4. My PCOS will be under control therefore possible allowing me to get pregnant (if it be God's will).
5. My joints won't be as taxed

After 2 more prep days, I will have 3 protein days where I will eat nothing but protein, if as I remember correctly these days are HARD BUT I can also have 6-12 servings of protein on these days. Then I will have 4 Weight Loss Menu Days, then once a week I will have a protein day. I follow this cycle for 28 days then I have 14 days of Metabolic adjustment, if I still need to lose weight (which I will) I start the Weight Loss cycle again until I have reached my goal, then I will move into Phase 2 which is the maintenance phase, I will be able to add a variety of foods in at that point.

I am VERY excited for this diet. I lost about 60# on this diet back in 2003 so I KNOW I can do it.

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Terra Kent said...

good luck to you on this new plan and merry xmas