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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Am I allergic to sugar?

So since Friday I have had MASSIVE gut aches to the point that I curl up in a ball and don't move, It is right below my rib cage, and taking my licorice root for my GERD (reflux) helps, I'm taking 2 capsules as needed. Anyways I called and talked to my Dr today, and we think that my body may be 'reacting' to sugar...guess that's my body's way of getting my butt back on plan. Today Reese's Pieces set it off. I only ate a handful and within 15 minutes my gut ache was there. So he suggested that I cut out sugars, refined/processed foods and eat more natural things for a week and see how I do, if not improved I will go in for an ultrasound. Anyone have any tips and/or suggestions on how to do this? Any cool recipe sites or informational sites that anyone likes? I have NO clue how to do this. Does this mean I should cut out Diet Coke? Would Diet Rite be okay since it's sweetened with Splenda or would that make me react too? He suggested I go and talk with his nutritionist, but we just can't afford that right now. My bloodwork all came back good except that I am STILL Vit D Deficient so have to increase back to 5000 IU twice a day again.

On a sadder weigh in this morning 215.2# EEEEKKKKKK!


Mrs. Sheila said...

This simply means your body CRAVES and needs to be on a lower carb program ~ such as your program you were on before. I don't think the diet sodas are an issue personally, but we all know I don't have the "dr" in front of my name! LOL Go back to your Lennora (sp) for life program that you did so well on. I bet you will notice a big difference!

Mrs. Sheila said...

Oh! Come join us!