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Friday, August 21, 2009

Epiphany of the day....

Today has been somewhat weird...well my cat Munchie had to visit the vet today...he HATES car rides as when he was younger he had both knees operated on and one of them got infected so had to visit vet/grandpa lots. Well ANYTIME he rides in the car he poops, pees and vomits in his carrier, usually getting it all over himself. So today was no different, within a minute of getting in the car he did his normal poop/pee/ much fun have to smell it for 30 minutes in the car. So I am giving him a bath and I express his anal sacs/glands...if you don't know what those are they are glands that sit on either side of dogs/cats rectums and are similar to the scent gland of the skunk...they STINK to high heaven...anyways I squeezed his sacs and the contents went flying all over me, my shoulder, face, glasses, stunk to high heaven, so I had to take off my jacket and wash it and try to find something here to wear in the meantime, had to wash my face and my hair AT WORK, we had another groomers jacket but it was a medium, I am wearing a large to x-large in my tops, so I decided I had to wear it, it zipped up but was tight around my ghetto booty (rear end) so I had to slit the sides of it to wear for an hour or two. Well It wasn't too snug around my chest/stomach area, so I have decided I need to get my butt into gear and make it so I can wear mediums again. It felt nice.

So my ghetto bootie is out the door....anyone know some good fanny exercises I can do to loose my lower half? I AM going to get back on plan next monday...I know I should start today, but my hubby has his birthday this weekend and we already have plans for some not so good foods.... :) Anyways that was my epiphany today...I'm going to lose my fanny, I want to be Hot for the Holidays! I am going to do the Lean for Life Diet, that worked for me, and was pretty easy to stay on a few years back, I just have to be determined, no more lame-o excuses.

Here are some pictures of the 'medium' top. My top that I am wearing normally is a Large. I have a 'slender' waist, it does have a little bit extra on it but I'm excited.

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